Saturday, May 14, 2011


Why Girl's Cry : 

-A Girl Wont Cry Easily, 
Except in Front of The Person; 
Who She Love The Most, 
She Becomes Weak..! :( 

-A Girl Wont Cry Easily, 
Only When She Love You The Most, 
She Put Down Her Ego..! 

-If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You, 
Hold Her Hands Firmly, 
She's The one Who Would Stay With You 
For The Rest of Your Life..♥ 

-If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You, 
Don't Give Her Up..! 
Maybe Bcoz of Your Decision, 
You Ruin Her Life..! :( 

-She Cries Not Because She is Weak, 
She Cries Not Bcoz She Wanna Sympathy or Pity, 
She Cries Because; 
Crying Silently is No Longer Possible..! :( 
The Pain, Hurt N Agony Have Become Too Big; 
A Burden To Be Kept Inside..! :'( 

-If a Girl Cries Her Heart Out To You, 
And All Because of You; 
Its Time To Look Back on What You Have Done, 
Only You Will Know The Answer To it..♥ !! :)

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